ZWP-80 Explosion-proof Fog Gun


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 The ZWP series of fog gun products cover range from 30 to 150 meters, and each product has three remote control modes: remote, automatic and distant control. Easy to operate and use, it’s suitable for dust removal on the construction site and factory, greening trees, tall canopy spray and insect spray. It’s also applicable to the dedusting and cooling of environmental protection industry, dust-prone coal and other material yards, unloading ports, vehicle unloading, docks, steel mills, etc., as well to spray drugs in public places and landfill sites to improve the environment. This product can be moved or fixed in one place and has a wide range of uses.



ZWP-80 Explosion-proof Intelligent Fog Gun

  • Device name
  • Explosion-proof/ZWP-80 Fog Gun
  • Static wind range (m)
  • 80
  • Horizontal rotation
  • ±160°
  • Pitch angle
  • -10-45°
  • Equipment type
  • Remote, automatic and distant control
  • Protection level
  • ≥IP65
  • Ambient temperature
  • -20-50(Below 0 degrees with tropical)
  • Size (L, W, H)
  • 2180*1550*2025
  • Power supply
  • AC380, 50Hz, three-phase four-wire
  • Installation method
  • Platform, car and high ground installation
  • Inlet size of pump
  • DN50
  • Distribution box
  • Stainless-steel double door
  • Weight (KG)
  • 1460
  • Thickness of air tube (mm)
  • 4