Brief Introduction to System of Removing Dust with High -Pressure Micro Water Mist

一、Series of Removing Dust with High -Pressure Micro Water Mist

  • 1、Overview

    The high-pressure micro water mist refers to the water mist at the minimum designed working pressure (the pressure of flow medium in the distribution pipe network is 5.0 Mpa-10 Mpa), the droplet diameter of Dv0.50 is not more than 10μm, the DV0.90 not more than 20μm, and Dv0.10 more than 20 μm. That is, a droplet with a diameter of not more than 10 μm accounts for 50% or more of the total volume, a droplet with a diameter of not more than 20 Mm accounting for more than 90% of the total volume, and a droplet having a diameter of more than 20 μm accounting for less than 10% of the total volume.

    The high-pressure dust-removing with micro-water mist technology is a dust-removing technology with high dust-inhibiting efficiency, causing no pollution to the environment. The fine water mist is reduced due to the small droplet size and the same volume of water. The surface area of the fine water mist is greatly increased. During the gasification process, the volume can expand more than 1,700 times, forming a large amount of water mist surrounding and covering the dust, and greatly increasing the surface area of the water film in contact with the dust, in a gaseous, liquid state, and state between gas and liquid. In the state of vaporization, the dust is easily removed by absorption, humidification, coagulation, weight gain, thus dust is rapidly suppressed.

    High-pressure micro-water mist system has the following five functions:

    icro-fog dusting;

    Spray cooling;

    Landscape fog;

    Spray deodorization;

    Humidifying environment.

  • 2、System features

    The system of high-pressure micro water mist has the following characteristics compared with other dust removal systems:

    Highly effective dust suppression whose efficiency is above 96%. The water is used as the medium. The personnel are safe. No damage nor pollution brought to the environment. It has significant effects on washing, scouring and cooling dusts;

    The special dust-removing nozzle for high-pressure micro-water mist adopts anti-drip design. Pump group is intelligently managed in the remote;

    Dust treatment at the source of pollution. The particles of water mist are small, form a dense mist area at the dust suppression point;

    Energy saving and emission reduction, low water consumption, and no loss of calorific value of materials (coal);

    The system is stable, safe and reliable, and fully automatic intelligent control;

    The dust removal system of micro water mist has low power and water consumption, no need for huge equipment for water storage and supply. The pipe diameter of water mist is small and the material is corrosion-resistant stainless steel, so the whole system is easy to install and maintain. Subsequent cost for maintenance is extremely low.

    The system is equipped with an automatic water temperature detection and heating system.

  • 3、Application Range of Dust Removal System with High-pressure Micro Water Mist

    The high-pressure micro-water mist dust-removing technology adopts micro-scale dust suppression technology to control the dust or dust generated when the production plant is cooled and the coal, mine, thermal power, steel, chemical, cement and other industrial enterprises are loaded or unloaded with coal, ore, ash and other materials. In particular, the treatment and suppression of unorganized discharge sites and respiratory dust pollution. It has the characteristics of good dust suppression effect, energy saving and environmental protection, stable performance, low investment, high automation and simple operation. Can be widely used in closed coal bunkers, production workshops, conveyor belts, guide troughs, receiving ports, dump trucks, unloading coal ditches, stockyards, car unloading ports, power plant dumpers and other areas to remove dust.

二、Components of the System of Removing Dust with High-pressure Micro Water Mist

  • 1、 Working Principle

    The system has three control modes: automatic, manual and remote control.

    Automatic control

    In the automatic state, when a certain zone control valve in the protection zone receives the action signal of the relevant equipment, the system automatically opens the control valve of zone and the high-pressure water pump. All the nozzles in the entire protection zone release the water mist, and the state signal is fed back to control center.

    Manual control

    When someone at the scene notices that dust removal is required, it is manually opened by the control valve of area. All nozzles in the corresponding protection area release fine water mist to remove dust, and the status signal is fed back to the control center.

    In the automatic state, the manual control takes precedence.

    Remote control

    Open the control valve of zone through the remote control interface to release fine water mist to remove dust.

  • 2、System Composition

    The high-pressure fine water mist dedusting system is mainly composed of water source, water supply device (pump group), zonal control valve group, professional dedusting nozzle, pipe network and so on.

    Diagram of System Composition

    • 2.1Special Spray Nozzle of High-pressure Micro Water

      The nozzle of water mist is made of austenitic stainless steel and consists of a nozzle housing, a nozzle, a filter, and a gasket. The core component is a plurality of centrifugal nozzles mounted on the conical surface of the casing. The atomization mechanism is to use the rotating liquid generated by the swirling member in the nozzle to accelerate the ejection of the hollow diffusing conical liquid film through the outlet passage. The atomization is broken by the speed difference between the liquid and the outside air.

    • 2.2.Valve Block of Zone Control

      he valve group of zone control is integrated by a high pressure ball valve, a filter, a pressure gauge, an electric ball valve, and a linkage control module. The overall material of the valve block is stainless steel and corrosion-resistant material. The main features are compact structure, centralized control, reliable performance and convenient maintenance.

      The valve group of zone control is one of the main components in the rolling micro-fog dust removal system. The main function is to receive the control signal, open the corresponding zone control valve, and release the fine water mist to the protection zone to carry out dust removal.

      The high-pressure zone control valve has automatic and manual control mode.


      Control valve block of high-pressure zone

    • 2.3 Pump Set for Water Supply

      The pump set for water supply of water mist dedusting system adopts a plunger pump. The pump group is compact in structure, small in size, high in efficiency, low in energy consumption, 8000H maintenance-free quality assurance, oil-free lubrication, small pulse without pulse damper, and flexible configuration based on engineering design.

      Pump Set for Water Supply

    • 2.4Intelligent Control Cabinet

      It is mainly used to control the start and stop of the high-pressure water pump. It can be manually and automatically controlled to remotely detect the working state of the pump set. The control function is completed by PLC. The default pump is directly started. The main functions are as follows:

      The technical performance of the control cabinet complies with the national standards for low-voltage electrical appliances;

      Voltage: AC 380V ;

      System pressure digital display shows water pressure at pump outlet;

      The working status indicator can display the status of each pump, active and standby power supply, etc;

      The pump unit control cabinet panel is provided with a pump manual start and stop button, which can start and stop the pump group in site.

      The high-pressure micro water mist system can be controlled remotely.

    • 2.5Water Storage Tank

      The water storage tank is one of the main components of the water mist dust removal system. The water storage tank is a non-pressure storage type sealed structure water tank. It is made of stainless steel according to the standard of GJBT-565 "02S101 Rectangular Water Supply Tank". It has technical measures of dustproof and anti-algae; the water storage tank has automatic water replenishing function and filtering device, and the liquid passing through the position meter displays the liquid level, and the liquid level switch performs low water level alarm and controls the solenoid valve to open and close to automatically replenish water. The tank is provided with an overflow pipe, a return pipe and a drain valve.

      Outline drawing of storage tank